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 Code of Conduct (Rules)

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct (Rules)   Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:52 pm

Code of Conduct
1. Play with respect, honor and loyalty, not only to your clan mates but to others as well.

2. Spamming and/or swearing and discrimination will not be tolerated within |BtL| at any time.
Quote :
                 2a. If at any point, you feel harassed or unsafe, report to a Council member or BB Moderation staff member for immediate resolution. Self defense is acceptable to a certain point, however within the regulations of the Code of Conduct.

                  2b. Occasional swearing and teasing is acceptable. We're a family. It happens.

3. Multi-clanning/accounting is strictly prohibited. Our Councils have premission to kick you without any further disscussion or warning.
Quote :
3a. Multi account is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form. If you have a sibling who also uses the BB, notify us in your application to prevent further discrepancies, however keep in mind that this may taint your application process.

4. Do not use hacks, codes, exploits, or intentional glitches. The use of these will result in a kick from the clan and a ban from the game.
Quote :
4a. Accidental glitches are understandable, however it is clear when done on purpose. If a member sees you glitching, you will be told to stop. Please abide by these terms.

5. Do not attempt to start an insurrection within the clan, personal decisions are to be kept private, and publicizing them may result in chastisement. [/bspoiler]

Quote :

1. Register on Universal Gaming Brotherhood(UGB) or sign in if you already have an account.

2. Fill out the application form in this thread and add the current active officers to be contacted immediately. Tests are not anymore done to to join BtL. Instead, interested applicants are required to join our RC channel (ID: 5659820) for the officers to get to know them.  This gives the BtL members the greatest opportunity to examine prowess and tactics with applicants in game, thus giving them an accurate idea of how the member would contribute to clan.

3. After a week, a poll will be set up for the member, where the Council and Assembly will vote. Polls generally last from between one and four days, however there is no set time. If you are accepted, you will receive a PM. The Council will NOT always message you if you are rejected.

              3a. For those wondering how the voting system in BtL works, the Council and Assembly operate on the same premises as the United States Electoral College. Applicant polls begin in the assembly, where the five assembly members vote on the applicant. If the applicant passes the vote with a 60% majority, he moves to the Council, where the same voting process takes place. The General Commander of the clan reserves the right to instate an authoritative veto (automatic rejection) of an applicant at any time, however the veto can be countered if the Council and Assembly vote 70% against the veto in a combined vote. If the applicant passes the Council, or a veto is overruled, the applicant is accepted.

4. If accepted, congratulations! You are now member of the BtL Family! If rejected, take it as an opportunity to improve. You are allowed to re-apply once you feel ready, however keep in mind that an immediate re-application is not recommended.

   It is preferred that you add Council and Assembly members based on the map you would like to be tested in, however adding all of them is a surefire way to receive testing as soon as possible. The Council will rarely test in Pipeline, keep that in mind while adding testers.
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Code of Conduct (Rules)
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