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PostSubject: Introduction   Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:48 pm

Quote :
Formerly known as |[BEL]| Behind Enemy Lines, an International elite clan created at December 17, 2012 by GrimaceArsonist for both serious and casual players is now known as  |BtL| Behind the Lines.
Take note It's open for anyone, the main purpose of the clan is to forge a sense of brotherhood among its members and our allies. Although we don't focus in ability in-game, testing is still a requirement to join the |BtL|, if you want a clan/guild and community for the game Begone, this is for you!
Prepare to cross the line, soldiers!

Our Words

Quote :
"We  are the missionaries spreading light to the unexplored, the saviors bringing clemency to the deserving. We hold the bullets masqueraded by sanction, and will not let our ubiquity be overlooked.

We are the intelligence, upheld by the power of the strong, and despite not ruling the world, we have a transcendent understanding of its foundations.

We are |BtL|, brothers in combat, moving as one, thinking as one, breathing as one, and to carry our name, understand that the tag of |BtL|'s brotherhood  is wisdom's mark, a reminder that in war, fortitude will carry you farther than force.  

Be warned, valiant soldier, as fighting against the essence of understanding will carry you nowhere; and when you return to your stronghold at the end of the day, you may just find one of us lying in wait, prepared to kill...from |BtL| Behind the Lines."
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