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 Apply here!

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PostSubject: Apply here!    Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:47 pm


Make sure to read our Code of Conduct before applying. Click here!

NPlay Username:
Primary/Best Weapon:
Primary/Best Map:
How long have you been playing BeGone?:
What clans have you previously joined (if none, specify):
Select one of the three BtL qualities (Brotherhood/Trust/Loyalty) and explain how it applies to you:
How can you improve BtL as a clan?:
What are you hoping to achieve in this clan?:
Should you be rejected, why do you think this would happen?:
Who would you prefer to be tested by, and in what map?:
Have you played with any BtL members prior to this? Who?:
Have you been scouted or recommended to join by a member? If yes, who?:
{Optional}Tell us anything else you feel will increase your chances of being approved:

Note: I swear that my Application only consists the truth and nothing else.
If it consists anything but the truth then my application is automaticlly REJECTED.

I have filled the fully Application Form, if not then my application is automaticlly REJECTED.
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Apply here!
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